Andrew Currier (“SoundReserve”) is a Nashville-based producer, classically trained composer, and cruise-line keyboardist. He specializes in orchestral, electronic, pop and original score for film. He recently mixed and mastered a project that featured legendary guitarist and producer Wayne Moss, and songwriter Dee Moeller. Currier’s ability to compose and produce in a variety of genres is an asset when working with artists and film directors.

Have a small budget? No worries! I’ll not only produce your song, but will arrange all the music! I love working with artist who have written songs but aren’t quite sure how to take their music to the next level.  I have a bachelor’s degree in music from Northwestern College Iowa, and have featured artists like Bailey Jehl, Corey Horn, and Liz Labelle. Music has taken me all over the country and all over the world. 

Many artist I’ve worked with have great song ideas and melodies, but aren’t sure how to make it all come to life, or what direction they want to go with a song. I have a good ear for harmonies, which can make a vocal part really shine, along with good taste in musical arrangements! My job is not done until the artist is happy!

My rates are very reasonable, so request a quote today and we can discuss rates that fit your budget! You can also hire me through SoundBetter. Look forward to hearing from you!