What Can I do for you?

Music Production

This is everything necessary to create a complete polished song that is ready for streaming.

Just send me a demo or phone recording of your song and we can get started.


Maybe your song is already written, recorded, and produced, but it still needs a well balanced mix for a more polished sound.

I would be happy to join in on the project and take your song from good, to sounding professional and radio-ready!


I’m an artist myself! I love composing instrumental music. I enjoy writing for film and TV, creating intro tracks for bands, and making beats and tracks for top-liners.

If you are looking for that rich cinematic sound, I’ve got you! But I write in all kinds of genres, so just describe to me what you are looking for and we’ll make it happen!

“He produces great music quickly and can easily help you achieve whatever you are looking for!”

-Dan Fuson