Here’s a collection some of my past projects!


My name is Andrew Currier, and I would love to help you…

Do you have original songs, or covers in the works and are looking for someone to help take them to the next level with production?

Are you looking for someone who not only moves the faders and buttons, but can also help compose and or arrange your song as well?

Are you in need of some instrumental tracks for film, for your band, or for writing lyrics?

I would love to chat with you and hear your ideas for the project.

Collaborating and exploring new sounds with artists is one of my favorite things. There is no limit to what we may come up with!

Already Know What You Want?

Listen to My Music First

“He has a strong attentiveness to details and the ‘feel’ of a song.”


A little about me

I’m a Nashville-based producer, classically trained composer, and cruise-line keyboardist. I graduated with a bachelor’s in music at Northwestern College, Iowa in 2017. I’ve recently worked with The Marilynds who were on Season 22 of NBC’s The Voice, and have arranged the music to some their live television performances. I’ve also composed original instrumental tracks for Alexandra Kay and country star Cooper Alan. In the past, I’ve worked on projects with legendary guitarist and producer Wayne Moss, and songwriter Dee Moeller. I’m grateful to work with such amazing talent everyday, and I’m always looking to build more relationships with artists and musicians!